MONTREAL, May. 16, 2016 — Mobeva is launching Aliogo, its new promotional platform for building and publishing interactive multimedia tours to iOS and Android devices.

With billions of mobile devices worldwide and a continuous growth, visitors are looking to be completely immersed in an interactive tourism experience to discover your local gems. These multimedia interactive tours showcase all the relevant information about your sites through detailed descriptions, images, audio and video tracks.

In order to help you boost tourism in your area, Aliogo makes it easy to actualize and maintain your current tours through its fast and user-friendly content management platform. This tool is now available for you to discover on the portal.

During this launch period, Mobeva is offering a 50% discount on setup fees and invites all tourism industry players to start converting their existing tours to benefit from the increased visibility in anticipation of the upcoming summer season.

With this project, Mobeva is positioning Aliogo as the leading application for multimedia interactive tours to both local and international markets.

To take advantage of this offer visit, or contact us for more information.

About Mobeva
Headquartered in Montréal, Mobeva specializes in the industry of travel and tourism mobile applications. We are passionate about tourism and aim to offer the best technology platforms for tourism marketing results that will boost the economy and highlight attractions in your local area.