MONTRÉAL, Feb. 4, 2016 — Mobeva is now offering a white label solution focusing on analytics, customization and monetization to meet the demands of tourism offices and the needs of travellers looking for personalized offers.

It is essential for tourism offices to know their customers. Analytical reports are central to Mobeva’s solution to help these actors understand customer interests, needs and interactions with the various areas of the tourism industry. Through this platform, tourism offices will be able to adapt their marketing strategies and boost their conversion rates while offering their members presentation tools that are better suited to their clients’ needs.

A sharp understanding of the user base allows for customized dissemination, which Mobeva’s solution promotes through package deals, activity ideas, coupons and targeted tours. And the tool has other notable perks: “The technology behind our new white label application enables content distribution through computers (PC and MAC) and on platforms such as Apple TV, which is sure to please tourism offices,” states François Dussault, Vice President of Mobeva.

Tourism offices can select among various monetization strategies to achieve self-financing of the white label solution. Revenue-generating features include displaying attractions, event organizers, service providers, local and international advertisements, coupons and interactive circuits; as well as travel booking.

Mobeva’s platform also boasts numerous distinctive and cutting-edge features: preference and interest-driven user profiles, unparallelled performance, a customizable user experience, cloud backup for preferences, interactive self-guided tours, tablet-optimized display and a unique advertising module offering travel deals to globetrotters planning their trip from abroad.

About Mobeva

Headquartered in Montréal, Mobeva specializes in the industry of travel and tourism mobile applications. We are passionate about tourism and aim to offer the best technology platforms for tourism marketing results that will boost the economy and highlight attractions in your local area.