Fully Live Quebec through Quebec Tourism mobile application

Quebec Tourism is the perfect tool for an improvised escape. Whether you are with the family, couple, solo or with friends, you can easily and quickly spot a festival, a business, a restaurant, a place to stay and a host of other surprises.

Thematic and seasonal roads

The application offers various thematic routes which automatically adapt to the current season to quickly showcase available tourist attractions. Whether your prefering country dining, accommodation, museums, agritourism, sports or family activites, numerous themes will fulfill you needs.

No need for Internet (WIFI or 3G network) to enjoy!

Attentive to your mobile device internet package, we designed an interactive map system which does not to use the Internet but provides geolocation and access to the complete facilities information.

Create your personal itinerary!

Never forget places to visit! Prepare the route of your sightseeing excursion by making a rapid screening before and during your trip by identifying the places you want to visit. This will provide you an interactive map to suit your taste and needs.

Your favorites always accessible

When traveling, some places are simply magical, with strong emotions, where lasting memories arise. Quebec Tourism allows you to quickly and easily mark these favorite places. This will allow you to quickly find them back for a future visit.

Unique and detailed information

Quebec Tourism in the only mobile application which provides as much information about facilities. Indeed you will find yourself according to the type of business: full description, activities list, on-site facilities, local products available, catering, Chief information, menus, rooms, certifications and many more.

And much more

  • Access more than 800 events and festivals in the whole Quebec or classified by region.
  • Choose between the offline (without internet) or online maps (for maximum details).
  • Direct call to the business by pressing the phone icon.
  • Send an email to the merchant by pressing a single button.
  • Filter map and list display based on your search criteria.
  • Get GPS driving directions with a single step.
  • Share your findings to your friends on social networks.
  • Use offline mode to limit the use of data.
  • Provide appraisal review to offer congratulations or help it to improve its quality of service or facilities.